Excellence with Impact and Attitude



The KAUST Global Fellowship Program will support outstanding emerging research leaders from around the world to build a path to a fully independent career. The program is merit-based targeting excellent postdocs with breakthrough ideas across the five Research Pillars of KAUST.

The Fellowship Program is designed with two strands: one that is general and relevant to topics under the five Research Pillars, and one that is focused on a research area that is time relevant. “Hydrogen” is the chosen topic for this launch year. Year-to-year, Strand 2 will focus on different research areas that are highly topical and strategically important to KAUST.



The program call 2021, for the 2022-2025 Fellowship intake, is funding research project across the five KAUST priorities under two strands:

Research project falling within or across one or more of the five Research Pillars (Water, Energy, Environment, Food & Health, and the Digital domain).

Research project focusing on hydrogen production and storage solutions across one or more of the five Research Pillars



Up to 10 postdoc fellows


With up to 4 years of experience



Up to $45k annual research budget


Annual stipend of $75k

Message from the Vice President for Research

donald pic“The KAUST Global Fellowship program seeks to identify excellent early career researchers from across the world, invest in their talent and help to unlock their full potential as scientific leaders.

A select group of outstanding individuals will gain access to our first class facilities and resources, enabling them to generate research outcomes at the highest international level.

We are looking for researchers at an early stage in their postdoctoral career, who already have demonstrated their capability and have an ambition for independent research. 

Those selected will be asked to play a key role in helping to address the major challenges of our time and we will provide them with a stepping stone opportunity to launch their own careers within a dynamic and fast paced environment.

Are you an exceptional postdoctoral researcher with an eye for adventure? KAUST is the place to be. It’s your global destination for excellence with impact and attitude!

Good luck,”

Prof. Donal D.C. Bradley