Excellence with Impact and Attitude

Instructions for applicants

For an application to be considered by the selection committee:

  • the candidate must meet the eligibility criteria outlined on the website and detailed in the Guidelines document
  • it must include a 3-year research project proposal that meets the research topic and budget criteria
  • the applicant must have a KAUST faculty member agree to host the Fellowship

Please download the following Global Fellows Application Kit for instructions and materials to prepare and submit an application.

File TitleDescription
KGFP – GuidelinesFull details of the program
KGFP - Application InstructionsDetailed instructions on how to prepare the research proposal and other materials required to apply
KGFP – Research Proposal TemplateUsed to prepare the project proposal, including budget  
KGFP - Host Confirmation Letter TemplateSigned by a KAUST Faculty member agreeing to host the Fellow
KGFP - Reference Letter TemplateTwo references are required from peers
KGFP - CV TemplateProvides subject headings to indicate required information


Deadline for submission is November 30, 2021